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5 years later... [30 Oct 2009|01:49pm]
 I remembered that I had one of these things and I think its quite funny looking back at some of my entries. I can't believe that its only been five years. It feels like its been at least ten, but I guess my maturity level has just changed from high school to college. I believe I will be posting entries and photos, once I get a camera, of course, but I believe the format of this will not necessarily be my everyday life, I will focus it on diet, fitness, and college life. I want to delete my old posts but I can't find it in myself to, after all, it was me who wrote those. (how embarassing!)
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[06 Nov 2004|01:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

im moving next weekend and i hate it. im going to miss everyone too much and ill only have oscar to hang out with at sjhs.. gayness. i've never even seen this house empty. i've never ever even moved into some house before. im gunna miss riverside so fucking much but ill come here over the weekends. i don't care how i get here ill get here. chris will pick me up.
</3 jeshca

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[29 Oct 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

ok so lately things have been a lil busy. ill post pix later im too tired rite now. i feel soo rejected cuz mike doesn't like me anymore since the 7th grade hes been in love with me and i finally decide to give him a chance and he doesn't like me. how sad huh? anyways today after school i went to go get some gelato and then i came home and found my new manson cd in my sisters dresser which pissed me off but im ok now since im listening to it. im pissed cuz the guy at best buy was hitting on me and everything and they didn't have the Chimaira dvd and they better fucking have the ill nino one when it comes out. im gunna go see ill nino again cuz they r going back on tour. i wanna get a shirt but iono their girl tops aren't all that great. tomorrow im going to go get my hair done and then go to castle park with the ladies..ill take pix. we r gunna go in the haunted house but im scared cuz i get scared of everything even the haunted house I SET UP! lol plus i was at kaiser permananete yesterday which is right next to castle park and the haunted house was open. u could hear that they were playing that girl's voice form the poltergiest which scared me. then on sunday for halloween im goin to san jacinto for the concert at soboba casino to go see alice cooper whose direct support is the misfits. i wanna see him i don't really care so much for the misfits. my friend andrea loves them tho and told me to take a pic of them when they r playing "halloween" which i doubt i can take cameras inside but i will if i can. so lately ya things r pretty good im happy im just gunna miss everyone once i move. but my sis IS moving with us after all which sux but then again its cool cuz she has her license and she works here in riverside so ill be with her when she drives over here. so thats cool. um martin and i broke up im not sure if i put that in here...ya 2 weeks lol um it sorta sucked but i didn't feel like crying over it and ya. the only thing is that im reminded of him cuz of this guy hugo in my math class whom i hate just cuz hes soo cocky and ya he kept running into my wings from my costume today. if i knew him better i would have slapped him. so ya everything is pretty cool. that new guy jesse keeps staring at me in school hes pretty nice tho cuz he came up to me when it was raining and offered to share his umbrella which was sweet and hes pretty cute too all my friends r like drooling over him. but hes sooo self centered and cocky and just ya obsessed with himself. all he would talk to me about was him! and how he was gunna go into the army and shit. i was like ya ok army sucks go become a navy seal if u wanna impress me. anyways ya i gots homework byesss
<3 jeshca

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Reasons to Smile [16 Oct 2004|05:41pm]
[ mood | happiest ever! ]

+ i have him <3
+ i saw him this weekend
+ im passing everything except math...i will
+ Lisa gave me info for some program at UCLA
+ san jacinto sooooooon!!
- i will miss him
+ ill c my Mandy soon!
+ almost done with cake decorating
+ busy busy jeshca!!!!!!!

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[30 Sep 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

ok so i haven't updated in forever. umm last weekend i went to the movies with my ladies of course it was fun. we saw napoloen dynamite...YES!! lol umm ya i had fun then saturday i went to the st. catherines festival with chris which was also fun. i made him go on the weird scary unsafe looking ride but he loved it! umm then this week well it was ok until today. today sucked, thumper likes some girl and so ya i give up on that im not one of those girls that trys to steal the guy or whatever so fuck him if he doesn't like me. uhhh danny was like saying i look ugly now that i have my lip pierced. he says that i look like i had an eating disorder cuz i look skinny which is dumb cuz i weight exactly the same as i always have since the 8th grade. the only thing is i lost my ass, big deal. i don't care. so that bugged, everyone thinks i like mike but i don't. hes cool and fun to hug cuz hes comfortable i mean that early in the morning hes the closest thing i've got to a warm bed. and hes tall as fuck now so ya. umm school is pretty good. the only thing i suck at is math cuz our teacher is fucked up im gunna just finish this shit second semester and like take geometry in summer school and finish algebra 2 senior year and im going to RCC anyways so ill take precal and shit there. so everythings goin pretty well i move on november 11th, things r pretty well ill miss my friends but the ones i am close to now i KNOW will call me up and invite me when they go hang out on weekends so that will be cool. umm im sorta interested in this one guy but im not sure and jesus ya hes kinda lil so i don't think i like him...umm anyways things r good
<3 Jeshca

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=) [20 Sep 2004|03:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]

so i was with andrea at school hanging out at lunch not expecting anything new to happen because i am content with the way things are going. my emotions were set and everything seemed well, thennnn...we r in line for burgers, she didn't want any and i never eat at lunch so im like ok and she went to go get in the pizza line. we run into thumper<3 and he says hey and introduces himself to me. he touched my hand *blushes* hes a we get in the front of the line they run out of pizza..poor thumper and drea! so thumper had a sandwich anyways and kinda leaves and i keep seeing him from afar looking at me and i smile. he has the cutest smile. he seems like such a happy person. then we go into a line to get nachos and they run out of nachos..poor andrea again! so we finally get into the line for fries and she gets them. as soon as we sit down the bell rings but no one really moves until 4 minutes later so she ate. i have no seventh period and so im leaving campus after 6th period. i c thumper and he smiles and waves..twice! lol and ya i quickly exit the school and find evan to explain my ecstatic self. i feel so horrible becuz i was thinking that martin and i would be not so sure anymore. not because of thumper but because martin and i don't go to the same school and i always complained about never seeing richard cuz we didn't go to the same school. i feel bad and i don't know how to tell him. i hope he doesn't get hurt in anyway.

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[17 Sep 2004|02:44pm]
ok i haven't updated in forever..i have been in school! hahaa i love it. thumper is hot as fuck but i haven't seemed to ask drea for the hook ups just cuz she is soo nice and i love her and i don't want her to feel like im using her cuz i haven't talked to her in forever even tho i've known the chick since kindergarten and she lives only a couple streets away from me! lol well anyways everything is good im happy the only thing is i have no bf and i don't sit near my friends in class which is ok cuz im not really all wanting a bf cuz im moving and becuz i have my lovely girls and wonderful guys that i love to death!
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all humanbeings are just blind people [09 Sep 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

i keep thinking about moving..i met our neighbors and stuff. they all seem pretty cool, the kids anyways. oscar and sierra both seem cool. oscar is 16, don't get any ideas, hes got a gf and hes a punker/stoner. hes nice tho. hes a fucking flirt too. i hit my back and was like telling me to follow him in the room. cuz we were in the big house where the party was and i told him which room i was getting and aparently he is gunna have the same bedroom cuz we r having the same house. its the 6 bedroom one. iono for some reason i had fun flirting with him but he was like just as tall as me..i like taller guys AND hes a stoner who likes punk and hxc, hates slipknot cuz hes a fag who is also like skin and bones, i felt soo fat by him especially since my baseball shirt makes me look fatter cuz its not my size. there is just something about him tho...iono maybe i just thought he was a tad cute..he was just not very cute but he seems like he could be a good friend of mine once i move so ya. the party was cool. this saturday im goin to an angels ya and gary is being a major fag! i took him off my friends list on myspace cuz we don't talk and i figured it'd get boring looking at his profile over and over knowing im not going to talk to him so i dook him off. so FINE if that makes me mean then IM MEAN! but o well byessss
</3 Jeshca

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